David Tremblay for Mayor of Calgary



The following issues do not encompass all of the ones Calgarians face. I could have listed many more but I felt these were the most important. Please contact me if I've missed any: info@onecalgary.org

  1. Residential property taxes have risen by 51% during Nenshi's 7 years.
  2. Business taxes have grown by around 180% in the same time
  3. The 2016 budget was blown by $381 million or by 12%
  4. Around 10% of Calgary's population is considered working poor
  5. Poverty is costing us $3 billion or $2300 each per year
  6. We have the highest Consumer Price Index in Canada. Meaning it costs more to buy consumer goods here
  7. The cost of living index in Calgary is 4.49% higher than in Toronto
  8. The average yield from City investments in 2016 were only 2.3%!
  9. According to sexanon.com, there are as many as 3000 people, mostly women, who have been forced into sex trafficking in Calgary. It's also gotten worse every year under Nenshi
  10. The Office of the Mayor has a budget of $1.8 million which is way too high for one position
  11. There are around 3500 homeless people in Calgaryand we're in year 9 of 10 of a plan to end homelessness...
  12. ENMAX is owned by the City of Calgary and our electricity and water bills have risen every year under Nenshi
  13. Despite ridership on public transit declining every year, the city just invested $4.6 billion into a project that goes directly to ENMAX's new $1.4 billion plant
  14. We've had the worst and second worst unemployment rate in Canada for many years under Nenshi
  15. City Council has 30% of their meetings in secret. More than any other City in Canada by far
  16. Seniors are forced to travel to City Hall to show proof of their income in order to get a discounted Transit Pass
  17. The cost of an affordable home according to City Council is still around $300k. Even though there are homes being 3D printed for $10k US in RUSSIA. Here is a video
  18. Despite the program to reduce red tape, there are more barriers created every year. The City Charter being a perfect example
  19. Fines, licences, permits, fees and penalties were 16% higher than budgeted in 2016
  20. While there was a decrease of 23% in social housing!!!
  21. 5 ENMAX executives made over $1 million in annual salary in 2015 alone with the highest being $2.2 million. This is drastically too high for public sector workers
  22. Various forms of crime have been on the rise lately. Namely, 3000 vehicles were stolen in the first half of 2017 alone. Bike theft has dramatically risen, two of my own bikes have been stolen. Some forms of severe crime have increased as well, with some reports saying we have the highest rate of crime severity in the country. 
  23. Downtown office space has hit a record high under Nenshi at around 25%
  24. Midfield Park residents were unjustly forced to move from their homes recently and given a substandard compensation
  25. Our art budget is currently a mess. It's not so much the quantity we're putting into Arts, it's how we're spending it and the improper consultation methods being used. There are tens of millions of dollars being put into art organizations in this city that don't produce a large enough return on investment. $25 million into the National Music Center, $500k into the Bowfort Towers (only a fraction of which went to the artist), etc.
  26. The MANDATORY composting program cost Calgarians hundreds of millions of dollars and it will now cost us an extra $6.50/month to use. Completely outrageous considering it was free to compost before this program and they SELL the compost commercially.


The City of Calgary and namely the Municipal Government has an incredible amount of problems. It's going to take drastic change to fix these issues before they get too big to fix.

  1. I will put forward a policy to halt all present and future tax increases. There are many successful governments that do not tax their citizens and that will be the path I will put this city on
  2. Many cuts to the municipal government will have to be made. I'll propose up to 20% in the first year so that we can give Calgarians a tax break, address job creation and reduce the cost of living.
  3. Job creation will be achieved through investing in local companies in indoor agriculture, technology, manufacturing and engineering
  4. Reducing the cost of living will be achieved through reducing taxes, building homes under $100k, reducing the bill cost of electricity, water and waste. Investing in a year round and indoor agriculture system will also reduce the cost of living
  5. Here is a list of local companies that grew up to 3698% in 2016 that I will recommend we invest in
  6. Organizations taking Calgarians out of sex trafficking only need a relatively small investment to drastically improve their efficiency.  Around $600k for sexanon alone
  7. When elected, I will reduce the budget of the Mayor from $1.8 million down to roughly $500k
  8. Our methods to end homelessness are clearly not working. I'll propose we transition from shelters to housing those wanting a safe place to sleep. It'll cost around the same and reduce the burden on government services
  9. ENMAX has billions in assets and is largely unregulated. I'll propose that we sell all of its assets to increase competition, lower costs and have a large sum of money for the City to address other issues. We'll also put in a few regulations to ensure the costs don't go up 
  10. Public transit is not keeping up with the private options (car2go, cycling, carpooling, etc). I'll propose we sell most of its assets so that it can remain competitive and the city has access to more capital to address more important issues. Putting in regulations to honour the current cost of ridership and fair entry program will make sure that the price doesn't go up
  11. Using most of the cash and capital from selling and leasing many of the City's assets will give us ample amounts to invest in job creation
  12. Transparency and accountability are incredibly important for the public. I'll put in a policy that will make sure all meetings are made public. Open sourcing the many areas of the government and decision making will also increase transparency and accountability.
  13. Calgarians under 18 and over 65 will not have to prove their income to get a discounted Transit Pass
  14. I'll do everything I can to get rid of the City Charter
  15. Fines, licenses, permits, fees will dramatically reduce in cost and I'll explore the benefits of opting for community service hours instead. I'd also like to open source the legal system so that everyone can understand it.
  16. The solution for safer communities and reduction in crime is complex. However, getting the Army Reserves and possibly the Regular Forces to bolster the ranks of Calgary Police Services will help reduce crime and give us a change to target the root causes; poverty, unemployment, divison, etc.
  17. Giving all companies who operate in offices a tax break immediately will greatly boost our economy and assist many businesses who have suffered
  18. For Midfield Park residents, I'll either see if we can't stop the move or offer greater assistance to the residents
  19. Video game companies, fashion, modelling, film, murals, accessible recording studios and graphic art are all much more profitable areas of the Art industry we should be investing in and are much more current. I'm also working on creating a cooperative of local artists that would promote all of the current talent we have and so that they are consulted on every art installation so that there aren't any surprises/disconnects.
  20. The composting program will no longer be mandatory and there will be no monthly fee to use it


  1. Secondary suites and homes shouldn't be something the government are so heavily implicated in.
  2. The new arena and football stadium will inevitably happen. The Saddledome is the second oldest arena in the NHL and there are many parts that don't make sense to fix. The ceiling is also too low for many popular musicians and performances to perform in, meaning we miss out on a lot of great shows
  3. Education has taken the same amount of time for generations and many students are unable to find employment in their desired field. Add the huge time commitment, high cost, large debt collected and the rapid advancement of technology and automation. We're making it too expensive and time consuming for students to enter the workforce. Their certifications are incomplete and outdated by the time they graduate. We need to adapt to the leading edge of education and technology
  4. The baby boomer generation are or are close to the age of 65. This is a large demographic and an important one to consider. The cost of living here is the highest in Canada, some pensions are rumoured not to pay out and they've served our society greatly in their lifetime. They're now being discarded to the side and face a scary situation in the coming years
  5. The 2026 Olympic Bid has come in at $4.6 billion. Considering the municipal government is at its debt ceiling and we blew last year's budget, we need to figure out a solution that costs much less in public funding or we should not have them at all.
  6. Some City Councillors, Ray Jones, have held their position for over 24 years and 8 terms. Considering the dire state of our government and financial situation, this needs to change
  7. 39% of the population voted last municipal election. The current voting system needs to change. It doesn't make sense that we still use paper ballots and the election is on a week day. 
  8. Calgary receives many newcomers and many of them have outstanding qualifications but cannot find proper employment once they arrive. They are forced to pay taxes but cannot vote, among many other issues they face. They're an important demographic to consider when you notice the decrease in children being born from Calgary citizens.
  9. Our sense of community has deteriorated over time and there's much more division that there should be. This should not be the case considering the incredible amount of information we have access to and the fact that we're all inherently good people
  10. Our youth and their future are in jeopardy due to our mismanagement and lack of foresight. Our failure to adapt quickly enough to their needs and to sustainable measures are putting them and Earth at greater risk
  11. Despite many examples of cities and societies implementing technology intelligently into their systems, we are lagging behind in this key sector to other first world communities. We have an incredible opportunity to create jobs and increase out quality of life if we adapt accordingly


  1. So long as homes pass a safety inspection and there are a reasonable amount of parking spots for everyone who live at that location, I don't see why the government should be involved or what the issue really is.
  2. I'm working on a proposal that will provide value to the owners of the Flames/Stamps, the City and especially Calgarians. More details to follow.
  3. Alternative, charter and home schools are heavily outperforming public education. Access to information and free education is also currently very high. The public sector needs to adapt or else the students, schools and our society in general will continue to suffer.  Many countries offer free education to the public and their workforce is that much stronger for it. The military, aviation, and many of the most successful companies in the world will hire their employee immediately, pay to train them in a condensed amount of time and have a worker specifically tailored for the job needed. Apprenticeship models are also extremely efficient as is shown with SAIT's incredibly high hire rate after graduation. If we want to have a strong workforce we need to adapt as quickly as technology, automation and access to information is moving.
  4. Seniors are an incredible wealth of information and need to be provided more opportunities to stay integrated in our society. For example, there are a few countries that have senior homes and daycares melded together. We also need to make sure that affordable homes, access to locally sourced inexpensive food, bills and other necessities remain low so that our senior population isn't crippled by the current high cost of living and the upcoming uncertainty.
  5. The Olympics are a great event to have in a city if the cost makes sense for its citizens. With a $2 billion shortfall and our current financial situation, it does not. However, there are ways around this and I'm currently working on a solution similar to the one for the arena deal that everybody wins.
  6. In the Canadian Military, officers hold a single 4 year term and then move on with their careers. The organization was built to groom many great leaders so that we almost always had a quality leader. It also allowed more individuals to properly further their careers. I will be pushing for a single 4 year term limit so that our current problem of complacency and corruption are addressed.
  7. Some currencies are now being extremely encrypted and stored online. There's no reason we can't have a secure voting system that is online that everyone can access. This is a project I'll be working on. Once successful, we could also sell the rights to this system and make good profit.
  8. Having a robust apprenticeship style program for newcomers who have outstanding credentials and qualifications would bolster our workforce and strengthen our economy. It's absolutely something we need to work on. We'll also look into quicker quicker integration into voting if someone pays taxes.
  9. I'm working on a few projects that would have more people visit different religious congregations, cultures and community centers so that there is more understanding towards all of the different cultures and religions within our city/the world. A cooperative type organization like  Inglewood has where many of the community businesses are connected through this association and all seem to benefit greatly for it. It boosts profits and builds stronger communities.
  10. Spreading the money we spend on arts centers and different structures to more neighbourhoods in the city will give youth more options for where they spend their time. As someone who spent their youth in this city, I fully understand the current youth's struggles. School hasn't adapted to their needs, doesn't capture their attention, there aren't as many exciting spaces to capture their attention and crime/drugs is sometimes an option because of the current conditions.
  11. There have been many cities who have built a high speed internet network in their cities and the benefits have almost always been tenfold. Calgary isn't in the top 10 cities in Canada. The highest upload speed in the country is 279 and we're currently sitting at around 30. We won't be able to stay current in the Tech industry or attract top Tech companies if we don't address this issue. Given the huge role the internet plays in our lives, this would also dramatically increase our quality of life and efficiency for businesses.
  12. Of the many other projects I'm involved in, I'm also working on a few tech company ideas that would create jobs and attract more talent to Calgary.

Those include:

  1. A car2go company that is based in Calgary and uses Calgarian's cars that aren't in use.
  2. An uber style mass transportation system to fill in the gaps of routes that are needed
  3. A blockchain/cryptocurrency(think Bitcoin) that is tied to the Canadian dollar. This would make banking much cheaper, among many other benefits
  4. An organization that links all nonprofits/charities together to reduce the administration cost of these organizations so that there's more funding for the actual cause